Launching of the 2012 African Economic Outlook- Roadshow in the United States

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A bank delegation led by the Chief Economist and Vice President that included the Director of Research (EDRE) and the Director of Human Development (OSHD) was in the United States from 25th September to 1st October 2012 to launch the African Economic Outlook in Washington DC and New York.

The roadshow kicked-off at the World Bank on 25th September 2012. The event which was broadcasted live on webinar was chaired by Mr. Shantayan Devaranjan, Africa Region Chief Economist. The Director of the Economic Research Department, Mr. Steve Kayizzi-Murgerwa and the Director of Human Development Department, Ms. Agnes Soucat  presented the findings of the report while Ms.  Louise Fox, Lead Economist AFRCE and Mr. Deon Filmer, Lead Economist, AFRHD were the discussants.

A similar presentation was held on 26th September 2012 at a well-attended event at the Atlantic Council in Washington DC. The event was jointly organized by the Atlantic Council’s Michael S Ansari Africa Centre and the Africa Growth Initiative at the Brookings Institute.  The launching event took the form of a panel discussion that was moderated by Dr. J Peter Pham, Director, Michael S. Ansari Africa Centre, Atlantic Council. The distinguished panelist at the event were the Chief Economist and Vice President, Professor Mtuli Ncube of the AfDB;  Dr. Todd Moss, Vice President, Programs and Senior Fellow, Centre for Global Development; Hon. John A. Simon, Founding Partner, Total Impact Advisers and Professor Mwangi Kimenyi,  Director, Africa Growth Initiative, Brookings Institute.  Professor Ncube provided brief remarks on the reports’ findings and broader implications for Africa’s future and the panelists discussed the many unpredictable factors threatening the continent’s economic growth and offered brief remarks and policy recommendations. The Bank acknowledged the presence of the Principal Adviser to the European Union Ambassador to Washington, Mr Antonio de Lecea and thanked the EU for providing financial support over the years for the publication of the African Economic Outlook.

From Washington DC, the roadshow moved to New York on 27th September to the Africa House, New York University. The event was moderated by Prof Yaw Nyarko, Director of NYU Africa House. The Chief Economist and Vice President and the Director Human Development were the guest speaker. The discussants were Professor Elizabeth Asiedu, University of Kansas, Professor Mwangi–wa-Githinji, University of Massachusetts and Dr Hippolyte Fofack of the World Bank. Among the notable participants at NYU launch event was Professor William Easterly.

At Cornell University in Ithaca, the AEO 2012 was launched at the Institute for African Development on 28th September 2012 to a packed audience of staff and students that was organized by Professor Muna Ndulo, the Director of the Institute for African Development. The report was presented by the Director of Research and the Manager EDRE2. A distinguished panel of Cornell University scholars including Professor Chantal Thomas, Professor David Sahn, and Professor Ralph Christy were the discussants of the report. The event was moderated by Professor Chris Barrett.

The final presentation on 1st October 2012 was held at the United Nations. The Chief Economist and Vice President, Professor Ncube presented the macroeconomic overview and the Chief Economist of UNDP Regional Bureau for Africa,  Mr. Pedro Conceicao presented the Human Development while Mr Henri-Bernard Solignac, Head of Unit, Europe, Middle East and North Africa, OECD discussed Youth Employment. The meeting was chaired by Mr Philippe Latriche, Economics, Trade and Development, Delegation of the European Union to the United Nations, moderated the session.

The meetings at the various institutions generated a lot of discussions and comments that clearly reflects extremely well on the quality of presentation and interest in the important report that the African Development Bank and its collaborators have put together.  From Cornell University to New York University to UNDP, the World Bank, The Atlantic Council and Brookings Institute there is great interest in African Economic Development with the Bank taking the leadership role and the various partners’ hope that the Bank can build on this and develop further collaboration.

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